Cuba’s Misleading Election Results

It takes a lot of intellectual energy to understand Cuban reality. There are a large number of facts that are extremely contradictory. Statistics on voting and the reasons people go to the polls are one of those issues.

When in Cuba Will Wages be Seriously Discussed?

It is a fact that such limited incomes have created an army of former state employees who have been forced to take jobs in the private sector with awful working conditions, but where they do earn considerably more pay.

What Fate Awaits Our Grandparents?

In Cienfuegos, the city I live in, hearing bakers hawk their bread is a very common thing. They aren’t bakers though really, as they don’t make bread, they just sell it on the street.

Unwanted Springs in Cienfuegos, Cuba

These springs have become a feature of our daily reality. If only they really were natural springs. But, truth is that they are just sewer leaks. As a Cuban citizen, I am concerned about just how frequently this happens and I have looked into why this is happening.

Is Vinales in Cuba?

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to visit this idyllic place called Viñales, located in the western part of the island and surrounded by spectacular landscapes.