Cuba’s Elderly Pose a Challenge

“The Cuban population is falling in absolute terms and this intensifies its aging process,” demographer Juan Carlos Alfonso Fraga, explained. Emigration, especially of young adults, is the main reason for this population decline, which accentuates the low number of child-bearing age inhabitants.

“Racism and Violence, a Perverse Relationship”

A song by Cuban pop duo Buena Fe goes: “And that woman with bruises will say she slipped in the wind, I fell in the sea, goes back to the kitchen to hide tears behind onions.” There are updated stats in Cuba about physical and psychological violence not only against women and girls, but also against boys and men, although to a lesser degree.

Cuba Faces Lingering Medicine Shortages

In June 2018, the list of available essential medicines in Cuba was short by 45 drugs, according to Public Health authorities. However official sources say that shortages today aren’t as serious as they were last year,

Cuba 2018: Change is Pressing

Nearly 60 years after the Cuban Revolution, this higher educated and more healthy people are asking that the principle of “change whatever needs to be changed” be applied in this life and not in the life that believers hope will come after death.