From Cuba: “Fuck You Robert de Niro”

During his visit to New York, Mr. Diaz-Canel (Raul Castro’s puppet, according to many) was lavished with attention at a meeting with important figures of US culture at the sadly famous Dakota building.

Cuba’s Diaz-Canel Shows His True Colors

A politician should be judged by the results they produce rather than by their words, but because nothing has changed in Cuba since Miguel Diaz Canel came into power, we will have to stick to what he has said for the first time outside of a previously-written speech to get to know him a little better.

Havana, City of Flies

The Mesa Redonda (roundtable TV program) is the flagship of government propaganda. A few days ago, a program was dedicated to Cuba’s “environmental health”, explaining all of the government’s “efforts” to look after us. (11 photos)

Should Cubans be Forced to Work?

Highlighting this “idle” sector as one of the reasons why the country doesn’t make progress forms part of the government’s discourse, inverting cause and effect as a result. They say that this “ulcer” (which is what they call it) is one of the reasons the Cuban system is inefficient..

On the Three Days of “Free Internet in Cuba”

Cuba’s state-controlled telecommunications monopoly, Etecsa, asked for people to comment about their third mobile Internet trial, which involved free surfing using a 100Mb data package which was to be used in 72 hours. I wanted to find out what people’s general opinion was, so I read many of the 1048 comments that had been published…

More on Cuba’s Free Education for All

Even though it sounds awful to say it, my wife and I were counting down the days until school began again. Almost three months of holidays with two energetic kids at home are honestly very exhausting, as well as the stress spending money to give them more or less an enjoyable vacation is on our family budget.

Let’s Talk about the US Blockade

Official Cuban media have recently launched another propaganda campaign about the Blockade, to reinforce the idea that it is the main source of all our problems. Let’s analyze these arguments:

That Hard Place between Trump and Cuban Capitalism

When her husband was still alive, they were fortunate and made nearly 200 CUC per month. He used to earn almost 33 CUC as an Electrical Engineer in the public sector, between wages and bonuses. He earned the rest by fixing home appliances on the side.

Lessons for Cuba from protests in Venezuela and Nicaragua

As a result of recent protests in Venezuela and Nicaragua, we have seen that these governments (like many others) are willing to do whatever they need to in order to hold onto power. They are not afraid to repress and kill like any of the dictatorships that ravaged South America over the past two centuries did. Does anyone really think this would be any different in Cuba?