Cubans with Dry Feet and Wet Hearts

The photo of a man from Guantanamo with a wide smile has flooded social media. He was in the small group of Cubans who were the last ones to cross over the US border before the joint decision to revoke the “Wet-feet, dry-feet” policy came into effect.

A Young Cuban Baseball Player In Search of a Future

Victor Rivas, 22, born in Cuba’s Isla de la Juventud, is one of the nearly 200 Cuban baseball players trying their luck in the Dominican Republic, hoping to make the leap to the Major Leagues with his talent, effort, the help of some friends and, most importantly, a lot of luck.

Why Cubans Continue to Leave the Country

If we could get an exact picture of the number of Cubans leaving the country to reside abroad, we would probably be able to conclude, without fear of contradiction, that the island is slowly bleeding to death. Young people, those who ought to be the nation’s future, are leaving us.

Guantanamo’s Legendary Rafting Festival

Baracoa, a town in the northeastern corner of Cuba’s province of Guantanamo, is home to numerous cultural and recreational festivals. One of the most important of these was held in early August, in the locality of Toa, named after the largest river in Cuba. (13 photos)