Vicente Morin Aguado

Currency Unification in Today’s Cuba

The Cuban people’s longing for a single currency became surprisingly apparent during the debates being held about constitutional reform, when opinions were made public, calling for an article that endorses the Cuban Peso as the country’s single currency. Joaquin Pujol talks about what he classifies as “the most commented and long-awaited economic decision in Cuban history.”

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Cuba’s Monetary Reform: Surgery or Sedatives?

Maintaining this current situation is very expensive, inefficiency becomes eternal, statistics are distorted, there are no incentives for foreign investment. The dilemma lies between the foolproof benefits in the medium/long term and the immediate shock to the economy once it is implemented, which might even make it collapse.

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“Cuba Doesn’t Fit into a Passport”

After six decades, Felipe Lazaro hasn’t stopped fighing against ruin and oblivion. He returns to his happy childhood in a Guines from yesteryear, the main town to the south of Havana, which finds itself in ruins today. His most recent book, “Invisibles triangulos de muerte” (2017), was recently published by Editorial Bethania.

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