Are personal hygiene items readily available in Cuba?

  • Items for personal hygiene – hand soap, shampoo and hair conditioner, skin lotions, toothpaste, etc. – are readily available in Cuba at reasonable costs. The Cuban brands are particularly good.

3 thoughts on “Are personal hygiene items readily available in Cuba?

  • My bags were delayed last year and I spent most of a day plus more the next day trying to replace toiletries – and I was not trying to buy any ‘brands’ – it was NOT easy – and that was downtown Havana.

    The prices were rather high – and could only be found in ‘dollar’ shops. When I asked Cubans they said that prices for soaps, etc. VERY VERY high for Cubans who have completely different salaries. Simple Cuban soap is available on a ration system.

    It would be good if writing on this type of question would be more related to actual facts on the ground.

  • Could the author of the original answer please reply. I am hoping to visit this Chrristmas and have no idea what to expect. Although the answer seems to ignore the vobvious question on female personal hygiene, I would have trusted it

    Suddenly I trutst nothing here! Please restore my faith


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