Leinier Dominguez Wins National Chess Blitz

HAVANA TIMES — Grandmaster Leinier Dominguez reached the top of the podium in the Blitz National Chess Championship, which was held on Wednesday in the central Cuban city of Santa Clara as a preamble to the elite male event, reported the JIT website.

Dominguez picked up eight ELO points in nine matches as a result of seven wins and two draws —with GM Lazaro Bruzon and Yunel Bacallao, who placed second and third respectively.

It was confirmed that neither Leinier nor Bruzon will participate in the classic tournament and that starting today the competition will proceed through nine rounds using a round robin elimination system, with GM Yuniesky Quesada as the main figure and the only player to have been previously crowned.

According to the note, the competition will have an “X Category” for its average of 2496 ELO points.

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