Yoani Sanchez Grounded in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 12 – The most famous Cuban blogger, Yoani Sanchez, continues to be allowed to publish her Generation Y page with her acrid criticisms of the Cuban government.  However, she is repeatedly denied an exit visa to receive awards in countries such as Spain and the United States.

The latest refusal came Monday according to Associated Press.  Sanchez was to receive a Special Mention by the Maria Moors Cabot Prize of Columbia University in New York on Wednesday.

“Immigration just confirmed that I remain prohibited from leaving the country,” AP quoted Sanchez as posting on her blog.

Sanchez’ presentation of a depressing day-to-day life in Cuba, accenting the many accumulated problems facing the blockaded island, has garnered her several awards abroad while her blog is not accessible in Cuba, even to the small segment of the population that has Internet.

The Generation Y blog is available in eighteen languages.  No other blog from Cuba has drawn anywhere near such international attention.

4 thoughts on “Yoani Sanchez Grounded in Cuba

  • Wonder where she`s got the money from. don`t think she speaks 18 languages ( I know about 6 and that`s already quite a lot).

  • Columbia University’s School of Journalism is arguably the top ranked journalism school in the world, and the Cabot prizes among its most prestigious awards. I’m an avid reader of Yoani’s blog. While not overly ideological, she’s an excellent writer who know how to get her point across.

    A well-deserved award. Shame on the Cuban government for once again refusing to let Yoani leave the island to receive her award.

  • Why would this propagandist be awarded something, wasn’t it because it is welcomed by extreme elements of the diaspora? He blog means nothing except to those who oppose the regime. A nonsense awards for nonsense people..

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