Cuban Gov. Continues to Arbitrarily Ground Those who Oppose its Policies

Yesterday afternoon, at the ID Office located on 17th Street, between J and K streets in the Plaza de la Revolucion municipality, Oscar Casanella, a biochemist who was expelled from the National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology (INOR), was informed that he was listed under the anomalous status of: “Regulated”, when he tried to extend his passport.

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Voltes V at Havana’s Acapulco movie theater

On Sunday July 15th, a HD digital copy of Voltes V was screened at Havana’s Acapulco movie theater. This Japanese anime TV series forms part of a festival that has been organized by Havana’s Provincial Center of Film, under the name “Remembering is to go back…”. It also includes Russian and Cuban cartoons and will take place every Sunday at the same time until August 5th.

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