The Pilgrimage

Juan Pablo Ixbalan left his home in the village of Santiago de Atitlán, Guatemala. He crossed the lago in a small boat, a panga.

Dancing Woman

She danced to a rhythm only she could hear. When she first started dancing nearly forty years ago, she had no wings.

A Visit with a Saint

My adventure began when my friend Cinda sent me a short article she’d found. It was about the Mexican folk saint Teresa Urrea.

Pursuing Poppies (Photo Feature)

Just past dawn, we three intrepid Ladyranchers climbed into my RAV named Luna. The morning was cool and overcast but expected to clear. (21 photos)

So, “Stay at Home” Is in Order

I started staying home about a week or ten days before the official order. It made sense, as I’m no longer young. I wasn’t really prepared. Who was, really?