In Cuba, Education Is Free, but It Costs

My son has just started his pre-university course. In Cuba, school education is free, and it’s a very good thing that everybody has access to it, but it’s slowly becoming a hefty financial dilemma.

Inverted Timetables for Cuban Students

I have a 15 year old son who was studying in 9th grade through June of this year, a difficult age when their priorities vary on a frequent basis. My crazy little man though, luckily, wants to carry on studying.

Booking a Vacation in Cuba

I try and book my holidays every year at Los Cocos, a campsite that has two cabins built specifically to accommodate people with special needs. For two months I was calling up their offices daily to find out when they’ll start selling bookings for the summer.

In the Aftermath of Fast and the Furious in Havana

The capital was recently stirred up by the filming of scenes from the eighth film in the “Fast and the Furious” series. They’re in high-demand. But, that’s just the way show business is and that’s not what concerns me.

Girls or Barbies

I live in the same building as two little girls who are both modern just like their mothers. These darlings are around 4 years old and even though they’re from the same family and live in the same apartment, they’re being brought up very differently.

My Son’s Rights and Child Support in Cuba

Some time ago, I wrote about how soft Cuban legislation is when it comes to child support payments by divorced parents. I mentioned the example of Carlito’s father, who has turned his back on his obligations, and my efforts to revert this situation.

Havana’s Ghost Buses: The Joke was on Us

After painstakingly arriving at Havana’s Karl Marx Theater with the aid of my son, I was able to buy tickets for a show that had been announced on television. There were many other people wanting to get tickets as well, as is often the case with comedy shows…

The Ordeal of Buying Orthopedic Shoes in Cuba

As I understand it, orthopedic shoes are a kind of medicine, for they correct one’s posture and help patients walk with more confidence. Many people, children, young or elderly, rely on this special footwear for their daily routines.

Life’s Many Surprises

As a physically challenged person, I’ve seen many things, and many haven’t been so good. If we add the time I’ve been a member of the Cuban Association for the Physically Impaired (ACLIFIM), dealing with people who, like myself, endure motor disabilities, addressing their social, material and even spiritual needs, we could say I’ve basically “seen it all.”