Challenges Posed to Cuban Theater

Theater is one of the cultural forms that has most suffered the blows of censorship and institutionalism in Cuba. The government has always been very afraid of the power an actor has when they go out on stage, as once the play kicks off, they are free, if they dare to be, and can do whatever they want with their lines, although if they do overstep their mark, there will be consequences.

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Cuban Director Cremata Speaks of Censorship

Monologo de la Presidenta (“A Monologue by Madam President”), a one-act play and testimony by Juan Carlos Cremata, has been circulating around the Internet since last week. The piece offers details of the meeting where the film and theater director was informed that his play El rey se muere (“The King is Dying”), an adaptation of Romanian-French playwright Eugene Ionoesco’s work, was being censored.

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