Challenges Posed to Cuban Theater

Theater is one of the cultural forms that has most suffered the blows of censorship and institutionalism in Cuba. The government has always been very afraid of the power an actor has when they go out on stage, as once the play kicks off, they are free, if they dare to be, and can do whatever they want with their lines, although if they do overstep their mark, there will be consequences.

Scenes from the May Theater Festival in Havana

The Cuban artistic scene was privileged with the Latin American and Caribbean Theater month in May 2016. Companies from Colombia, Peru, Chile the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Cuba presented their works. (13 photos)

Cuba’s Tiny Actors

La edad de oro (“The Golden Age”) is an interesting magazine full of stories, essays and poetry for children, written in an easily accessible language by Jose Marti. After more than a century, it has retained its freshness and relevance. (13 photos)

Nicaraguan Prisoners: From the Cell to the Stage

A strong smell of garlic permeated the Pilar Aguirre Theater. Someone was atoning for their guilt by crushing entire heads of this plant with their feet, with such force and precision that the cloves were scattered across the floor. The man behind this calamity had no face, but the movements of his body spoke of deep pain.

Cuban Director Cremata Speaks of Censorship

Monologo de la Presidenta (“A Monologue by Madam President”), a one-act play and testimony by Juan Carlos Cremata, has been circulating around the Internet since last week. The piece offers details of the meeting where the film and theater director was informed that his play El rey se muere (“The King is Dying”), an adaptation of Romanian-French playwright Eugene Ionoesco’s work, was being censored.

Katy Perry Makes Her Second Trip to Cuba in Three Days

Pop singer Katy Perry made her second trip to Cuba in three days on Tuesday and visited the headquarters of the La Colmenita theater company in Havana. The singer, guitarist, songwriter and actress shared an hour with the children’s group, singing and dancing with them.

Theater: A Young Cuban’s Lifeboat

I tried to commit suicide. I was studying computer sciences at a technical institute and didn’t want to be there, I felt I was drowning. I don’t know what would have become of me without the theater, explains Adonis Milan. (22 photos)

Controversial Cuban Play Taken Off the Stage

The play El Rey Se Muere (“The King Is Dying”), a production staged by the El Ingenio theater company, was suspended on instructions from the National Stage Arts Council (CNAE) and Havana’s Theater Center.

Cuban Children on Front Stage in Audiovisual/Theater Production

Orlando Mora Cabrera and Manuel Ojeda Hernandez, two young people who have come together to do creative work, are tracing a future for themselves in the world of film and are already advancing novel ideas. “We wanted for children to explore their own reality,” Orlando tells us during his interview for Havana Times.