Some Traps in Cuba’s New Constitution

There are major changes that appear in the new draft Constitution (now in its popular consultation phase), which make it seem modern, keeping up with changes in Cuban society and other expressions to hide what it really is.

Different Strokes in Cuba

Maribel is only 8 years old, but she is a sad girl, even though her meetings with a psychologist have helped her quite a bit from how she used to be before.

The New School Year Begins in Cuba

There are only a few days left to go until the new 2017-2018 academic year begins throughout Cuba and government media doesn’t stop repeating the fact that everything is ready, showing us renovated centers and even study materials, new books among them, for the most part.

A Talk about “Transformative Technology”

Under the title “Transformative technology: Tips on how to tackle gender violence,” an online talk took place at every US embassy, summoned by the US Department of State and led by Univision TV journalist Rafael Sanchez Cruz.

No Electricity, Little Water and Carnival in the Air

This summer, I decided to visit my family in Santo Domingo, Villa Clara and to stay for carnival which is taking place on August 4th, 5th and 6th. After 15 days of my holidays in Santo Domigo, I miss every corner in Havana…

Trump Won’t Hear Them, but Raul Isn’t Listening Either

On June 20th, the national board of the Junior and Senior High School Students Federation gave its opinion about Mr. Donald Trump’s announcement a few days earlier. This took place in each and every one of these schools across the country, early in the morning before classes.