Windows XP Refuses to Go in Cuba

Though Microsoft has been announcing for months that it will cease to offer technical support for its Windows XP Operating System (OS) on April 8, Cuban computers continue to regard the announcements of the multi-million software company incredulously.

Artist Demands Internet Access for all Cubans

Aldo Menendez is a Cuban artist who left Cuba in 1991 and currently lives in Spain. There, he has organized a campaign “Raul Castro: Unrestricted Internet Access for all Cubans.” In Cuba, he was a member of the ArteCalle group and, in Miami, he created the visual arts space La Clinica del Arte (“The Art Clinic”). He is also the author of the book La Obra Entornada (“Half-Open Works”) and the blog Castor Jabao.

Cuba and the Huge Battle Against AIDS

Efforts to find an AIDS vaccine or functional cure that will contain the disease have not ceased since the virus was first identified a little over thirty years ago. Pharmaceutical companies have been at the epicenter of this battle, while countries like Cuba have contributed their scant resources to the struggle, from the periphery.

Pink Censorship Cuban-style

Given that we live in country marked by so much machismo, I would have expected the island’s censors to have found a color different than pink to cover up those artistic and philosophical expressions that daring youth have attempted to capture on the walls of Havana and which has started to give Cuba´s capital a colorful atmosphere.(20 photos)