New Cuban Photography Talents

I like it when Friday rolls around, as it’s the day that exhibitions are inaugurated in Old Havana’s different galleries. Being able to visit them and see what young artists in my country are creating makes me very happy. (13 photos)

Curious Differences between Cubans

For a while now, the difference between Cubans who have been living here ever since they were born and haven’t gone anywhere other than to their work and their children’s school and those who live outside Cuba has caught my attention.

Grateful to a Cuban detective

My youngest son, a 19-year-old teenager, had his phone stolen on the bus. As soon as he came home, we both went to the nearest ETECSA office where they block your line, for 3 CUC, and the damage done isn’t nearly so great.

Walking with My Nephew on Saturday in Old Havana

On Saturday, I took my nephew out for a walk in Old Havana. We were thinking of seeing some museums but they were all closed. It was 1pm in the afternoon. The only place we could go to was the Mambi Presidential train museum and we had a really friendly girl as guide. Afterwards, looking for somewhere to eat, we arrived at the Havana Cafe found on the corner of Mercaderes and Amargura Streets. (9 photos)

Yesterday I Went to Look for Flour

I left my house early yesterday for the center of town to try and get some flour to make a panetela cake for my littlest son on his birthday. I couldn’t find it at the hard currency stores and then I went to a place called Dona Yuya…

Our Daily Bread in Cuba

I’m a Cuban housewife and I’m sick and tired of buying bread rolls at my neighborhood bakery and the other one we’ve got in town, it’s an ordeal for me. I go in the morning and they don’t have bread. There’s no bread at noon and, at 3 in the afternoon, they tell me that they’ll have some at 5:30…