Making Tourists Want to Return to Cuba

Service to others is perhaps one of the most significant shortcomings we have in our culture and, by extension, our education. Other countries with ancient traditions founded on spiritual practices believe that serving is a path towards self-fulfillment.

A Superhero with a Cuban Flag on his Chest

Express yourself! I can see you without ink. This invitation appears in the digital magazine Apulpso, which can be downloaded or obtained via the Weekly Package. It is a project created by five young enthusiasts who “wanted to do” more rather than go after money.

Cuban Pop Culture with Magic

The Dialfa project celebrated its 10th anniversary. It was proven that you can break the reduced concept of Cuban institutions, the “damn situation of water everywhere”, look the world in the eye and create events with their own identity, like a speaker said referring to the doom that the cartoon strip lives in Cuba.(17 photos)

Eleven Minutes of Horror: Stray Animals in Cuba

“Natural Selection” is a documentary which shows, in only eleven minutes and a succession of visual cuts, the current landscape for stray animals in Cuba. The director, Cynthia Cazanas Garin is a fourth year student who struggled to get the permits to make the film.

Break Dance in Cuba: An Illegitimate Child?

In the 90s, one of the places I frequented to escape from the long power cuts common at the time was La Piragua (near Havana’s ocean drive), where break dancers from different parts of the city performed. There, one felt a wave of joy and physical energy which colored the somewhat somber landscape, young people who escaped poverty, delinquency, prostitution and even worse tragedies through the mystery of bodily movement.

Cuba: The Advantages of Alzheimer’s

His hand, covered in blisters and thick veins, runs over the pile of plastic bags. With trembling fingers, he separates one from the bunch and places it on the buyer’s hand. His own hand closes to grab hold of the one-peso coin. He puts the coin away, then casts an empty stare towards the floor, towards the void. (13 photos)

Cuban Judge on Domestic Violence

After writing a post titled “The Serious Issue of Machismo”, I decided to approach a well-known attorney and former judge at the Tribunal Provincial Popular de la Habana in Centro Habana. She agreed to grant me an interview, provided she could remain anonymous (for she fears losing her current job). I will, thus, refer to her simply as Laura.