Dog Mistreated on Cuban TV

In an episode of the Cuban cop show “Tras la huella” broadcast on the night of February 26th, a dog seemed to play a significant role in the plot. At one point, the pet dog was found by the cops, hidden in a closet, unconscious with his tongue hanging out.

Cuban Government Ignores People’s Struggle

While in the Dominican Republic on Sunday thousands of workers, students, anti-capitalist fighters, anarchists and women took to the streets to denounce the corruption of their government and the Brazilian company Odebrecht; an official Cuban delegation drank coffee and took photos.

New Water Law Endangers Cuban Natural Resources

The Cuban parliament will approve a new law which will try to organize national water resource management, and adjust it to the economic model that has been sponsored by the elite in power. The document hopes to draw out an “integrated and sustainable” approach to using these resources…

More Lies about Cuban GMOs

Dr. Luis A. Montero Cabrera is ready to “destroy genetical wealth which will never be regenerated in the future” in the same way that “forests have been cut down” so as to dedicate this land to agricultural uses, according to his own words published in an interview on the official Cubadebate website.

Cuba Opens Up Its Ports to Polluting Cruise Ships

The cruise company Carnival Corporation, which began traveling to Cuba last May, has just been found guilty of pouring waste with oil into the ocean and of deliberately covering this up for 8 years.

Machismo Doesn’t Fit into a Photo

Of course, it’s impossible to reflect such a complex issue like machismo is which could even be considered a kind of ideology that has its historic roots in the world’s system, in an image. This presented quite a challenge to the contest participants.

Firings and a Lack of Solidarity among Cubans

After learning about the shocking news that professor Julio Antonio Fernandez Estrada, one of Cuba’s most talented and passionate young left-wing academics, had been laid off, I became very restless.

Havana Isn’t Feeling So Good

As we’ve already verified in several posts published here on Havana Times, nothing changes in Havana with regard to its already dirty tradition. At times, I’ve thought that this problem is inherent to Cuba’s capital…