Protest in Havana’s Santos Suarez Neighborhood

After four days without electricity, hundreds of residents from the Santos Suarez neighborhood took to the street in protest on Thursday. Government representatives were unsuccessful in their attempts to silence the protest, giving excuses to over 500 people.

The Type of Wholesale Markets on the Horizon

One of the major contradictions caught sight of in Cuba’s self-employment and small business liberalization process is the marked absence of a wholesale market that can sustain the activities of these two sectors.

Internet for Everyone in Cuba: Myth and Reality

It looks as though definitive steps will finally be taken to make Internet services widely accessible in Cuba. Much pressure has built up around this issue, so we can imagine a heated dispute between different power groups on the island behind the scenes.

Cuba’s Pedestrian Boulevards: The Illusion of Prosperity

The efficient management of Cuba’s pedestrian boulevards is today an essential component of the government’s assessment of provincial governments, yet another in the long list of bureaucratic fetishes that aim to convey the sense of a thriving civil society in the country.

The Havana Film Festival: Missing Subtitles and the Domino Effect

Many of the films screened at the recently concluded Havana Film Festival had subtitle issues. Situations like these heighten the sense we have had for years, that these venues of Cuba’s most important film festival, and society in general, are in frank decline.