Tourist Visas for Cuba

Question: I will be travelling to Cuba in mid-November; however my country does not have a Cuban embassy. How can we get a visa?

Here’s a Cuba Travel Insurance Question?

I have recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour, and am just completing my radio therapy treatment. Would it be possible to buy travel health insurance for this existing condition from ASISTUR ? And if it is possible can it be purchased from the UK before we travel so we have the peace of mind of knowing that I am covered?

Can I take donated Laptops to Cuba?

My work is donating four older laptops, all, come with windows XP and office and nothing else. Will I be able to give them to friends that I have made in Cuba during my holidays last year?

An Offer of Help

Firstly, thanks for writing us with your offer for help. Computers and cameras/lenses are hard to come by in Cuba so any assistance would be of help to Havana Times writers.

I live in Sinapore, Where can I get a tourist visa for Cuba?

I live in Singapore. My friend and I will be travelling to Cuba in mid-November. As we’re travelling independently, we’ll have to arrange for our own Cuba visa. We’ll be flying into Havana via Cancun, Mexico. Do we arrange for our visa at the Cancun airport?

Can a foreigner ship a car to Cuba for use by Cuban friends.

On the Cuba Customs website under the section entitled Vehículos, Motores y Carrocerías (Vehicles, Engines and Chassis), there is a detailed discussion about what groups of people are authorized to import light automotive vehicles into Cuba.

Can you just pitch a tent and camp in Cuba?

Unlike countries like Canada or the U.S., in Cuba, one can’t simply take one’s backpack and tent and “get lost” in, say, the Sierra Maestra mountains for a few days.

Can you take walkie talkies to Cuba as gifts?

According to the website of the Cuba Customs Service, walkie-talkies are included among the articles and products that are subject to specific requirements if one wants to take them into Cuba.

Can I bring a dog from Cuba to Canada?

There seems to be an increasing desire on the part of overseas visitors to adopt a homeless Cuban dog or cat. As in all countries, Cuba has requirements that must be fulfilled for taking animals out of the country – and of course Canada has another set of requirements for bringing them into the country.