Cuban Laws

How can a Canadian stay 5-6 months in Cuba?

Normally, Cuba issues one month tourist visas which can be extended, within the country, for a second month at the discretion of immigration authorities. The only exceptions are holders of a Canadian passport, who can come with a three-month visa which can be extended, within the country, for an additional three months – again, at the discretion of Cuban immigration authorities.

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Can I get a family visa to legally stay at my boyfriend’s house?

Many visitors to Cuba who have long-term Cuban partners (or friends) arrive in Cuba with a tourist visa, and then have it changed to an A2 “family stay” visa once inside the country. This requires going to the immigration office with your boyfriend PLUS the owner of the home where you wish to stay (if the owner is NOT your boyfriend). Be sure to take your passport, visa and return flight ticket. Sometimes the home owner needs to show the propiedad (ownership papers) of the home. You will also need CUC 40 in sellos de timbre (tax stamps).

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