The Monthly Food Ration

The small business that my family decided to start in order to survive was renting an apartment. In this case it meant renting out my grandmother’s apartment, where I had been living for a while, independently and far from my parents.

Sleep & Cuba’s Time Bomb

The new Cuban version of the stage play “Sleep” unwittingly touches on one of the most silenced problems in today’s Cuba: The gradual decline in the island’s population growth.

My New Friend Alaa

Although I admit that for some hidden reason or maybe because of my sensitivity toward children, I noticed something about her: she’s always attentive to the street from her high and barred-in balcony, she was always gazing out and always alone.

Cuba, Where Time Is Not Money

In Cuba every day ambles by marked more by stagnation and the lack of any seeming need for promptness. To waste time, sometimes out of simple apathy or because there’s no other alternative (which is usually the case), is the fate of Cubans.

The Water Dilemma

The city’s historical center is currently undergoing a reconstruction effort led by City Historian Eusebio Leal. Walking through the streets of Old Havana no longer seems dangerous, at least not from above.

Another Type of Violence

People talk a lot about the violence that reigns among the peoples of Latin America today. Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia are all countries — to mention only a few — that possess ruptured systems of civil security.