Mercedes Gonzalez’s Diary

Life’s Many Surprises

As a physically challenged person, I’ve seen many things, and many haven’t been so good. If we add the time I’ve been a member of the Cuban Association for the Physically Impaired (ACLIFIM), dealing with people who, like myself, endure motor disabilities, addressing their social, material and even spiritual needs, we could say I’ve basically “seen it all.”

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On Cuban Alimony

I recently filed an official petition requesting alimony from my child’s father. I didn’t want to do it, and I thought it about a lot before making my decision – but I finally went ahead and did it. I only turned to justice when I had no other option.

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A Much-Awaited Sporting Event

The opening ceremony was simple but nice. The qualifying session was stressful, as whether one played on or not depended on it. Those responsible for assessing our performance were judges from Spain, Canada, Switzerland, China and other countries.

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