Independent Work and the Racial Divide in Cuba

This story began when 500,000 surplus state sector jobs were to be eliminated, almost “putting the cart before the oxen”, and nobody knew where these unemployed workers would end up after receiving wages over a three month grace period.

The Case of Journalist Fernando Ravsberg

Like we say here in Cuba, I’ve had just about enough of the case with this journalist for quite some time now. Let whoever has anything serious against Fernando Ravsberg step forward and tell me because I’m a revolutionary and I don’t want to harm the Revolution.

The Significance of the Raul Castro-Obama Handshake

Though Raul Castro and Barack Obama’s recent greeting at Nelson Mandela’s funeral was merely a handshake – there was really no time for anything more elaborate – the gesture was no accident. That is, they meant it.

How Far Will We Allow Corruption Spread in Cuba?

Now, we know that there are hundreds of people facing trial on charges of corruption, and that this situation has even changed the racial make-up of the country’s population facing criminal charges, but we are given no details about how the proceedings are unfolding, much less the names of those accused.

Race as a Challenge to Cuba’s Educational System

Cuba’s is a multiracial society. This issue, however, is nowhere addressed in the country’s study programs. This holds for junior, senior secondary and higher education. The issue isn’t only passed over in silence at the different classes and lectures students attend.

Cuba’s Hopes for a New Era of Public Criticism and Debate

Cuban President Raul Castro’s address to the closing session of the National Assembly of the People’s Power (Parliament) marks, without a doubt, the beginning of a qualitatively new stage in the process of public critique he has decided to push forward.

Blacks and the System in Cuba

Many black people and persons of mixed racial background in Cuba believe that a change in the country’s political system is needed to improve the lives of this non-white sector of the population, which today continues to endure stereotypes, discrimination and racism.

Cuba: The Persistence of Institutional Racism

Who is responsible for the fact that the issue of color isn’t mentioned in Cuban schools, that race isn’t a subject of study or research in any University syllabus, or that these questions aren’t sufficiently addressed by the media? Without a doubt, the Ministry of Education, Cuban television and the official press are responsible.

The Cuban Revolution Began in 1959

Under a title devoid of historical accuracy and objectivity, Roberto Zurbano is trying to characterize the situation of blacks in Cuba today. As a critical evaluator of the subject, I share some of his assertions, but not in such absolute terms, much less with the lack of objectivity with which these are formulated or his conclusions in a recent The New York Times article.

Obama and the Difficult Alan Gross Case

Obama split the blockade in half, doing away the measures that George W. Bush had taken against Cuba in terms of remittances, travel, visas, package shipments, etc. while still preserving it as an aggressive instrument against the Cuban government.