Jancel Moreno

Thirty-five Years of the El Mejunje Club in Santa Clara

It’s hard to talk about Santa Clara without mentioning “El Mejunje” social club. It’s an example of social integration and cultural events for this city and for Cuba, where people of all ages come to enjoy themselves. Havana Times sat down with its founder Ramon Silverio to talk about the center now that it is about to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

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Childhood Joy in Cuba Is at Risk

She moves her hips to the rhythm of the music. They sing along and clap. She laughs and shakes her body even more, making her miniskirt dance like a flower that moves about it the wind. The song ends and everyone shouts Bravo!, because “it’s funny” to see her dance like this, with her lips painted red and a bun up high on her head, just like the one her mother has. The exotic dancer is only three years old.

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Cubans with a Memory!

Government media, especially Cuban TV, doesn’t stop mentioning the attempts perpetrated by US governments against our country ever since the “Revolution” triumphed in 1959. But they conveniently forget how many Cubans were and are beaten up by government forces?

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