June Comes to Havana Pictures

Come rain or shine Juan takes to streets virtually every day to capture daily life scenes, its more than a habit, its a total passion to let you know what’s going on in people’s lives. (15 photos)

New Year 2019 in Havana, Cuba

The stuffed old man was burned at midnight opening the door to 2019. Cubans celebrated New Years however they could in these times of economic difficulties and shortages. For some, going out on the street at midnight with suitcases is a good omen to be able to travel abroad during the coming year. (26 photos)

Downtown Havana as the Curtain Falls on 2018

The City of Centro Habana, the most densely populated of the Cuban capital, is always breathing with life and for many it is the place for taking the pulse of the country’s economy and its most serious problems and challenges. (45 photos)

Havana International Book Fair 2018 in Pictures

The Havana International Book Fair, Cuba’s most popular annual event, reaches its half way point on Tuesday.  There is still plenty of time visit the fair’s main and sub-venues through February 11th. (41 photos)

As the Cuban Revolution Turns 59

January 1, 2018, marks the 59th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. Some Cubans will celebrate as stated in the official media: “Inspired by the example of the eternal Commander and Chief Fidel Castro, Havana celebrates the 59th anniversary…” while others will just be celebrating the New Year. (20 photos)

End of Year Photos from Downtown Havana

In his photography Juan Suarez is often trying to give us a look at day-to-day life in the center of the Cuban capital where he lives. He captures people going about their daily activities, the buildings and the streets. Today he brings us a selection of end of year pictures taken in November and December, 2017.
(29 photos)

Havana Behind Bars

For a long time iron grids have been part of our architectural structure. Evidently we live behind bars. To feel safe we need something to protect our doors and windows and there is nothing better than an iron trellis. (60 photos)

Havana from the Waist Down

Of the many ways to photograph people in the Cuban capital Juan Suarez decided to capture people going about their daily business or just hanging out but from the waist down. Here is what he saw. (24 photos)

Havana Bay Transport Is Operating Post-Irma

One of our readers asked if cruise ships were coming into Havana in the days following the passing of hurricane Irma. Another had mentioned the Regla Boat that crosses the bay. So I decided to go down and have a look. I found both are in operation. (10 photos)