Venezuela’s Maduro Hangs On (Cartoon)

Many observers of Venezuelan politics did not expect president Maduro to weather the storm that his government faces as long as he has. With the country deep in economic crisis, this week is considered crucial with elections on Sunday for government approved candidates for a Constituent Assembly.

Is Venezuela under Control?

Some analysts believe that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gets his orders from Cuba, be it from Fidel or Raul Castro. Here is cartoonist Manuel Guillen’s take on the embattled leader who hopes to avoid a recall referendum on his presidency.

What’s Happened to Chavismo?

Cartoonist Manuel Guillen gives us his vision of the current state of the populist policies funded by the oil revenues of the state PDVSA company that marked what is called chavismo (from Hugo Chavez) in Venezuela, now facing a severe economic and political crisis.

The Venezuela Tug-of-War Illustrated

Cuba’s closest economic and political ally is the government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, currently locked in a battle to remain in power with opposition forces trying to force a recall referendum. Cartoonist Manuel Guillen brings us his take on the situation in the oil rich nation.