Is there a Crisis of Values in Cuba?

I frequently hear or read about a presumed crisis of values in our modern day Cuba, and it generally stirs up the same nausea in me. Let’s go over some simple facts that deserve to, at least, reconsider the alternatives a little.

Frozen Salaries for Cuba’s Teachers

Cuban authorities and media have officially announced that pay hikes in the educational sector, which were expected in the second semester of 2016, will not be put into effect. The country doesn’t have the necessary economic conditions right now, they’ve said.

The Most Revealing Concepts of the Cuban Model

Much has been discussed and written recently about the Conceptualization of Cuba’s social and economic model. Official spokespersons pay tribute to the fantastic program and praise just how democratic the Cuban government is that we are able to discuss the document.

Cuba’s 7th Communist Congress Finally Unveiled, for Better or for Worse

At the close of March, Cuba’s Granma newspaper, the official voice of the Cuban Communist Party, was kind enough to offer some pertinent details about the imminent 7th Party Congress. A heated debate had arisen prior to this in response to the lack of transparency that no few onlookers had perceived in the manner the congress was being organized.

Putting the Cuba Puzzle Together

US President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba has been interpreted in the most varied ways. In this post, I try to offer a reading that I feel necessary and has been conspicuously absent from all analyses to date.

A Traveling Cuban Returns Home (II)

The course we went to was highly rewarding and interesting, from the point of view of professional training. We had the occasional tour around the town of Crawley, including the obligatory buying of souvenirs and the like. There was even time to go to London, the weekend in the middle, and to take some pictures of some key sites.

A Traveling Cuban Returns Home

Though it didn’t happen as quickly as one would like, the planets finally lined up again and made it possible for a certain Cuban to get a breath of fresh air far from his native soil.

Cuba’s Secretive 7th Communist Party Congress

About to hold the seventh Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) next April, the country readies for what appears to be a moment of radical redefinitions – the kind that can reshape the lives, circumstances, hopes and frustrations of current generations.

Censorship on Official Cuban Blog Platform Cubava

The online platform Reflejos (“Reflections”) is one of the Cuban government’s maneuvers aimed at offering local citizens a substitute for the Internet. It claims to be a space aimed at bringing together blogs authored by Cuban Internet users and making these more visible, so that they can reach more people in cyberspace.

More and More Capitalist Cracks in Cuba

Readers will likely recall the oft-repeated government promise that increased production would bring about a drop in prices. No few of us have criticized such claims for their total lack of objectivity.