An Initiation to Santeria in Cuba

I’ve known Leosnel Aguilar Padron for more than ten years. I never suspected he would one day become initiated to Santeria. I found out days after he’d gone through the ritual, and I found it so curious I decided to ask him some questions about it. When I arrived at his house, I found him in the company of his Oyirbona, Ambar del Carmen, the person who must be present at all of the initiation ceremonies. She joined our conversation.

One of Cuba’s Ridiculous Laws

On April 23, I was notified by phone that, after many months’ wait, I was finally going to be paid the royalties for an illustration of mine that had been used as a book cover. I was happy to get the news and the next day, I headed over to the Letras Cubanas publishing house.

Cuba: Love in Times of Indifference

Something very personal – a breakup – is what moves me to write this post. Who has not once been in love? Sometimes, we don’t realize what we feel for someone until our relationship unexpectedly comes to an end.

Cuba: The Time That Flies

While reading an international magazine, I came across a quote by Confucius that caught my attention: “In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.” I spent the better part of the night awake, thinking of these words.