They Threaten Me with Death

On Saturday, May 23, I received death threats on my Facebook account, and not only were they threats against me.

Movement for Democracy in Cuba (Video)

On October 9th, a protest is scheduled to be held in front of the Cuban Consulate in Spain. Some members of this group will be present to raise their voice and demand freedom, social rights and democracy for the Cuban people.

In Bed with Nonardo, Sixth Program (video)

I finished the sixth part of my program “In bed with Nonardo”. This time I dare to address the issue of the importance that the size of the male sexual organ can have for a woman.

Vulgarly Classic VI (video)

This may be the most vulgar and intimate part of my series with this name. I have edited this installment feeling very down.

Open Letter to Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez

I am writing to you, the president of a country, which is also my own and will always be own, in spite of me living in forced exile, because I was born there, and I lived there for 45 years.

Dating Apps (video)

I’ve just finished making the 5th episode on my YouTube channel “En la cama con Nonardo” (In bed with Nonardo). This time, I casually talk about infidelity on online dating apps.

My YouTube Channel (video)

En la cama con Nonardo (In bed with Nonardo): is the name of my new YouTube channel. It emerged from my last course in Prague, in March, where I had the chance to meet and receive classes from Spanish YouTuber Irantzu Varela.

A Time of Solitude (video)

In my first short film made in exile, I also reveal my solitude to a certain degree, faced with the difficult situation of having to leave your homeland, not knowing how long it might be before you can think about possibly returning.