Venezuela Deserves Respect

Every country deserves respect, although there are some who don’t have any self-respect or respect for others and attack them or declare war, not caring how many innocent people might die as a result. They all deserve respect, but countries who have decided to take up their Founding Fathers’ ideas and finish off what they fought for and had to leave incomplete, deserve even more still.

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Constructive Tornado vs. Destructive Tornado in Havana

On Sunday January 27th, not too long after 8 PM, an EF-4 category tornado formed in the heart of a prefrontal trough, which caused great damage in four Havana municipalities, destroying everything in its wake. It’s hard to describe the effects of a natural phenomenon like this one, which is estimated to have the potential to cause more damage than a category 5 hurricane.

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Venezuela: Desperation for Power Makes You Look Like a Fool

It’s absurd to question Nicolas Maduro’s leadership as Venezuela’s constitutional president. He was elected into office again after winning over 67% of the vote in general elections held on May 20, 2018. It’s shameful that a group of countries who march to the beat of Washington’s drum are recognizing a member of a National Assembly as the president of Venezuela,

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