Havana: Just People

I almost always prefer to take photos without preparation, without the person posing or hiding their emotions, characteristics of their personality that they’d prefer not to exhibit before the eyes of everyone else. (16 photos)

A New Look at Havana’s Malecon Seawall

I know it. There must already be more than a hundred reports that have been made about and from the Malecon seawall in Havana. But it’s unavoidable when in Cuba to not visit it and once there it’s impossible not to take out one’s camera. (27 photos)

Old Havana Is Getting Older

Sometimes the days I spent in Cuba seemed long, sometimes too few. After four years without visiting Havana I had a desire to walk the streets of Old Havana, taking pictures with my own camera for the first time. (42 photos)

Jajo, a curious town in the Venezuelan Andes

Though Jajo is no longer the idyllic little town devoid of criminals where I could once have pulled out my camera without worries, it is still not to be compared with other places in Venezuela. (26 photos)

When the Sea Fails to Respect the Havana Malecon Seawall

This past Sunday, I was on my way to meet with a friend when I noticed that a number of tourists were leaving the ocean drive area in a hurry, while others enthusiastically went up to meet the waves that crashed against the seawall with more and more impetus. (23 photos)