Politicians with a Good Appetite

People in positions of high responsibility tend to be subject to high levels of stress, which is known to cause anxiety attacks, which in turn can induce binge eating of either junk or gourmet food.

Dreaming in Cuba’s Eternal Summer

A Cuban summer night’s dream: “Starting next Monday, we will begin to distribute for all children from 0 to 14 years, as well as to the elderly over 65, a liter of milk daily, and 15 cans of condensed milk per month; as well as 3 pounds of beef and 3 lbs. of pure coffee per consumer…”

Gentrification and Prices in Cuba

Cuba is experiencing a gentrification process that not everyone will survive. Old Havana, with its restoration focused on tourism, is a prominent municipality in this regard.

Happy Cubans with Their New Laws

In the latest session of National Assembly truly revolutionary measures were approved, which will lead substantially to the wellbeing of the Cuban people. Cartoonist Carlos gives his interpretation.


Teens get to know each other and open up to the world with their friends of the same age; Adults find it hard to know and open up to the universe of their children.

Milk in Cuba

In Cuba, since January 1959, children have guaranteed access to education and medical care, as well as a very modest rationed food basket from the State, but …

Cuba’s Raul Castro Facing a Bridge Washed Away by Matthew

To ascertain the damage to eastern Guantanamo, the most affected region, President Raul Castro visited the province. At the foot of the destroyed bridge over the Toa River, linking Baracoa to Holguin province, he became interested in serious topics. Ilustration by Carlos.

Cuba’s Elderly Are Struggling

Many of Cuba’s retirees are struggling, especially those who have to live off pensions equaling 8–12 USD a month and have no money coming from family abroad.