The Event: “Another Poet Commits Suicide”

On Friday, October 20, National Culture Day, an event called Another poet commits suicide was inaugurated, prepared by the Museum of Dissidence in Cuba and Amaury Pacheco, founder of OMNI Zona Franca. Today, Sunday October 22nd is the final day. (17 photos)

Will Havana Taxi Drivers Up the Ante?

Getting to work or going home is a daunting task in the Cuban capital. The matter is not new; it has only been aggravated since on February 8 the provincial government made public lower fares and strict enforcement measures for private collective taxi drivers. (28 photos)

Tribute to Margaret Randall at Casa de las Americas, Havana

For those of us who didn’t know her before, she could have been just another leftist, caught up in the stir of the early years of Cuba’s revolutionary victory. However, after listening to her friends speak about her and reading the book “Change the world”, you get another impression about her.

Visiting Cuba’s Water People

Viñales has become a tourist attraction par excellence for many people, where you can enjoy beautiful nature along with the comfort of a city. Living among the modernity which takes over this place more and more each day, there is a mogote where people live, a people who everybody wants to visit, but only a select few are able to understand them: the water-people. (12 photos)

Cuban Cinema: Honesty, Resentment and Something Else

On the street, in lines or inside the movie theaters, acquaintances and people who meet for the first time establish an understanding which only takes place in December, during the Havana Film Festival. (21 photos)

Cuban Films and Documentaries in the Havana Film Festival

It’s just a few days now until the 38th edition of Havana´s Festival of New Latin American Film kicks off, the country’s most important film festival (Dec. 8-18). Here is an advance of some of the Cuban films and documentaries to be shown.

A Chance for Young Cuban Jazz Musicians to Show Their Stuff

A young man smiles on stage while he plays the drums in a quintet which still doesn’t have a name. They are students from the National Arts School (ENA) and they are taking part in the small band category. We spoke to Ariel Juan Desvernines Arias about his presence at the JoJazz competition.

Angel Lara, an artist in Cienfuegos

Somebody baptized him the “angel of the bandstand”. He didn’t study at an arts school and hasn’t gone too deep into theology either, he’s a simple man who sings, composes and carves wood. His conversation is marked by spirituality and determination.

A Cuban-American Walks the Path of the Run-Away Slave

On April 7, at the Cienfuegos headquarters of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists, Guillermo Grenier looked fresh, going into and coming out of the venue, restless. There was nothing to indicate the man had walked nearly 300 kilometers in less than two weeks.

Havana’s Bacuranao: “The People’s Beach”

On a recent Sunday, the last day of school break and Cuba’s municipal elections, faced with a veritable shortage of inexpensive options and the scorching heat, many chose to go for a dip and shake off the day’s 35 degrees Celsius at Havana’s beach for the humble: Bacuranao. (26 photos)