Lynn Cruz

Cuba Enters a New Phase of Artist Persecution

While watching the images of the latest wave of repression to befall independent Cuban artists , one word kept popping into my head: Shame. Arbitrary arrests, stopping people from walking down certain streets or entering certain homes reveal a lack of respect that not only exists with artists, but with citizens on the whole.

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Hamletmachine (A soldier’s cry)

In Cuba, those who were born during this tumultuous period in our History, called “Special”, were known as the “Transition Generation”, and maybe the tragedy of these young people lies in the fact that this change, which began to take root in Cuba after the Berlin Wall came down and the Socialist Bloc collapsed as a result, still hasn’t ended.

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Now, the Other Side of Agitprop

The young filmmaker Eliecer Jimenez shines a light on the different aspects and complexities of the current political landscape here in Cuba. The opposition, breakaway groups, leaders and their disagreements, in a precise editing sequence, where everything has its place.

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