Bromeliads of Cuba and the World

While in Cuba there are a considerable number of endemic bromeliads, many others have been introduced for lovers of ornamental plants. Most people do not know the name of this family that includes pineapple and curujeyes as the most popular of this group of monocots. (9 photos)

Sexual Education in Cuba

We could well say that we have no sexual education in Cuba, that the thinking surrounding this issue continues to be medieval, for it has yet to place itself in step with the times and, like all taboos, all we can continue to expect is for sex-related issues to be swept under the carpet.

My Days as a Volunteer at Cuba’s Center for STD Prevention

Almost by accident, I ended up working as a volunteer at Cuba’s National Center for the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (CNP). After completing a number of courses about STDs, safe sex and other issues which gave me a whole new perspective on life, I had become a health promoter.

Havana Cats and a Sad Neighbor

When I came to live here in the capital, 17 years ago, my relations with cats were poor – I rejected them outright. My stepfather always told me that they were disloyal animals, and since childhood that was the only animal which I had difficulty getting along with.

Children Never Cease to Surprise Me

An old proverb says that, when God denies you children, the devil comes along and gives you nephews – and this so that one may experience the joy of children, human beings who, many a time, see things more clearly than adults, plagued as we are by fears and the traumas of our education.

Cuba’s Daily Soap Opera Stories (Part III)

One of my neighbors is a fan of horror flicks (and doesn’t really like or watch any other kinds of films). She is married to a man who works in construction, the father of her three and seven-year-old girls. She lives so close to my apartment that, when she yells at her kids, I can hear everything she says clearly, as though she were inside my room.

Cuba is Not Free of Racism

Taking the call that Cuba’s current president recently made as my point of departure, I am going to prove, on the basis of some personal experiences, that racism does exist in Cuba. It is my hope that, by acknowledging its existence, we can begin to work together to make this evil disappear once and for all.

Havana’s Daily Soap Opera Stories (Part II)

Today, I will speak of Apartment 2. A small, one-bedroom place like mine, the apartment had to be partitioned in order to house the five people who started living there as of two months ago. The owner is a woman of around 42. She has a 24-year-old son and two little girls (who are five and three).

Havana’s Daily Soap Opera Stories

Someone suggested I should write about the unbelievable things that happen down my passageway where I live. Here’s my crack at it: I’ll start with apartment five, where a 71-year-old woman lives. Though she is retired, she has never stopped working and has done pretty much everything under the sun.

Racism Erases Artistic & Religious Heritage in El Rincon, Cuba

Cuba’s well-known Saint Lazarus sanctuary, located in the town of El Rincon, in the locality of Santiago de las Vegas, La Habana, has been undergoing restoration for several months now. Someone issued instructions to remove from this mural the only black angel that appeared in the composition, made up of 34 cherubs. (29 photos)