Janis Hernandez

Santiago de Cuba’s Rum Museum

Santiago de Cuba’s Rum Museum is a place no visitor will want to miss. Located at the downtown intersection of San Basilio and Callejon de Carniceria, it is housed by an old, residential mansion built in 1889. The museum affords us a trip across the history of rum making. (27 photos)

One-Of-A-Kind Shop in Santiago de Cuba

Encouraging healthy eating habits is the aim of the new, one-of-a-kind shop which recently opened its doors to the public in the heart of the city of Santiago de Cuba. La Opera is a modern and welcoming establishment that sells healthy, organic products. (15 photos)

Twenty Photos of Santiago de Cuba

This photo feature hopes to capture the beauty of Santiago de Cuba, a city celebrated in the couplets and verses of bards and poets. You will see a confluence of different architectural styles, from baroque to neoclassical, a fascinating combination of balconies, enormous windows, colonial buildings and uniquely inclined streets. (20 photos)

Curious Things about Cuba

Some time ago, I found out there’s an Internet site about Cuba where people upload photos of things we Cubans are very familiar with. I thought that, without being downright imitative, Havana Times could create a space where people can upload these types of pictures.(16 photos)

Cuba and the Problem of Marginality

A great many Cubans express concerns over the rise in misdemeanors, public vulgarity, vandalism and other phenomena associated with people or groups whose conduct suggests social exclusion. The media have also been showing much interest in delving into the causes of the problem and have set a broad campaign in motion to somehow contain this ill, which seems to be growing unchecked.

The Passion for Baseball in Santiago de Cuba

The Cuban baseball league season is the biggest sporting event on the island. This year it involves 16 teams from each of the provinces and the Isla de la Juventud. Here are my pictures taken at a recent game between Holguin and the home team Santiago de Cuba. (20 photos)

St. Jude Day in Santiago de Cuba

The religiosity of Cubans is quite evident on October 28, which is dedicated to St. Jude Thaddeus. Considered the attorney of impossible causes, he is one of the most beloved Catholic saints. On Monday afternoon the cathedral of Santiago de Cuba, welcomed hundreds of parishioners and lay visitors. (17 photos)

“Cuba Says” But No One Answers

Cuba dice (“Cuba Says”) is a segment of Cuba’s national news broadcast that has been on the air for some time now. The segment consists of journalistic reports that cover problems or difficulties Cubans face on a daily basis, from the purchase or acquisition of building materials to public transportation and other issues.