Janis Hernandez

No One in the Lead is Safe

For several decades this “miraculous” island appears to go nowhere, as though under a dark spell. It is as though something has gone motionless. The popular phrase that begins with the words “no one in the lead is safe” comes to mind. I should make it clear that I am not bothered by the prosperity of others. It’s just that, sometimes, one can’t help but make comparisons.

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The “Tivoli” Fair of Santiago de Cuba

In past centuries on a hill very close to the port of Santiago de Cuba, groups of foreigners founded the neighborhood known as the Tivoli, a treasure of cultural tradition. It was an area of markets and fairs. There were cigar factories, print shops, dry cleaners, hostels and lots of night life. In modern times, the Tivoli Fair takes place each year. (20 photos)

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Young Talent in My Home Town

Santiago de Cuba is often called a musical city. It’s a place where it’s commonplace to walk the streets and find yourself in any park, square or corner filled with troubadours, singers, comedians and dancers. Usually, on the weekends, esplanades and plazas are sites for shows of all types. Here’s a photo feature of the local chapter of the children’s theater group La Colmenita. (16 photos)

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