Maya Quiroga

Cienfuegos Fashion Designer Uses French and Spanish Traditions

From the French who founded the city of Cienfuegos, Lourdes Maria Trigo Bermudez took the tradition of decorative ribbons, a craft which requires a lot of work but fascinates this fashion designer. She was previously a Spanish and Literature teacher but as many Cubans had to redirect their careers towards one which would give them better earnings and the chance to express themselves artistically.

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A Modern Cuban Danzón Orchestra

The name “Failde Orchestra” is just beginning to be heard regularly on the Cuban music scene. Founded in April, 2012 by the young flutist Ethiel Failde, the great-great-grandson of Miguel Failde, the musician who, two decades ago, got everyone in Matanzas dancing to his danzón called Las Alturas de Simpson.

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