Authenticity Has a Special Value

Authenticity is something of exceptional value, which should be applied to any human activity. Being genuine lends authenticity to the degree of credibility a given person/matter may have.

Santiago de Cuba Pays Tribute to Chavez

Soon after 4:30 pm on March 5, when the news came concerning the death of President Hugo Chavez, Cuba united in extending its condolences to the people and the government of that country. Tributes were made across the nation to the Venezuelan leader, who visited Santiago de Cuba some years ago. (13 photos)

Celebrating Marti in Santiago de Cuba

The march here took place starting at Marti’s mausoleum and proceeded to the former Moncada Garrison, which today is an Elementary School and a museum. A concert took place there by the group Moncada, a band whose name is a tribute to the famous epic of July 26, 1953. (15 photos)

Santiago de Cuba: Epidemiological Crisis or Child’s Play

This morning, from my window I heard a group of young children playing on the sidewalk shouting “cholera’s goin’ ‘round, cholera’s goin’ ‘round… I’m gonna inject you. Better wash your hands.” Of course those kids have no real idea of the seriousness of the situation..

Pets and Pretensions

Cubans have one personality trait that’s almost inherent: being presumptuous and vain. Though they live in a Third World country with a fragile economy, they’ve always aspired to a standard of living higher than their real possibilities.

Blackouts and Waste

An explanation was published by Cuba’s Electric Company under the headline: “Commission Reports on the Cause of the Sept. 9 Blackout.” According to the memo, this is the report by the committee that was set up to investigate the accident, its causes and the conditions that led to the breakdown.

The Taste for Horror

Every day we see a growing number of fans of scenes of horror and crime. These appear on CDs, DVDs, USB pin drives, SDs or micro SDs. Violence and terror are the preferred themes on computers and devices that play various video formats.

Countries in Crisis and the Price of Soap

On the Cuban TV news, they often talk about of the global economic crisis. “What evil walks the world!” we say to ourselves in front of the set. The images they show us of capitalist societies are stunning: massive joblessness, increasing taxes and sky rocketing costs of living.

Cuba: Playing Chess with Living Pieces

On Granma Cay, an islet in the middle of Santiago de Cuba Bay, sits a fishing village isolated from city living. Nevertheless this hasn’t stopped the residents from enjoying artistic life. This time the cay’s inhabitants welcomed the Allegro Theatre Co. who played a game of chess using the bodies of the performers. (18 photos)

Daily Life in Santiago de Cuba

A friend of mine recommended that I do a photo feature on daily life in Santiago de Cuba, showing how people are in the streets, their the habitual ways of life.(9 photos)