Bicycle Competition in Guantanamo, Cuba for Speed and Endurance

The cyclists started in the City of Guantanamo, as a preamble to the national event scheduled to take place from March 7-17 throughout Cuba. Speed and endurance were put into practice on Saturday, March 2, on a circuit of 60 kilometers (37 miles) traveled in the central streets of Guantanamo. Here are my pictures. (17 photos)

Year End Preparations in Guantanamo, Cuba

The December celebrations are nearly upon us and the advent of another new year full of goals and challenges. Guantanamo residents, like most Cubans around the island, are doing what they can to insure the pig to roast and paint their houses to look more beautiful. (14 photos)

Profiles from Guantanamo, Cuba

Today we bring our readers a selection of profiles taken in the far eastern city of Guantanamo, not to be confused with Guantanamo Bay where a US Naval Base continues to be located on occupied Cuban territory. (10 photos)

Festival of Cuban Culture, from Guantanamo

October 20 is the official Day of Cuban Culture. In the city of Guantanamo, as in all of Cuba, it closed activities begun ten days before, recalling the exact number of days that marked the beginning of the war for Cuban independence. (15 photos)

Guantanamo’s Rural Landscape

Leaving behind city habits for a couple of hours, the kind that consume everyone, leading to stress a lot of the time because of noise and other types of pollution; to immerse yourself kilometers away, where the air is cleaner, the climate is cooler and the surrounding landscape is tinged with the unrivaled colors of a natural landscape… (11 photos)

To the Women of Guantanamo

Beautiful, intelligent and hardworking, jocular, charismatic, dancers, are some of the many good things that we appreciate of women, for which the following photographs are dedicated today. (10 photos)

Cuba’s Grand Tour Kicks Off in Guantanamo

A field of 87 cyclists embarked on a journey over 150 km long between the City of Baracoa and Guantanamo’s provincial capital on Wednesday, taking part in the fifth edition of the much-anticipated National Classic Grand Tour. (18 photos)

Kids Birthdays in Cuba: a Clown, Magician and More…

A child’s birthday without a pinata isn’t really a party, it isn’t a party if the Clown is missing neither. Today, hiring one or several clowns to liven up parties is the norm here in Guantanamo, something which wasn’t the case some years back. (11 photos)

A Day of Sun and Rain in Baracoa, Cuba

The year started off with more rain the usual in the far eastern Cuban province of Guantanamo and in Baracoa it continues to rain, with its characteristic intermittent sun and precipitation. (10 photos)

Recycled Materials Become Planters

With clay pots relatively expensive, those who are interested in planting a range of plants at their homes are improvising containers, the kind that pop up everywhere and don’t cost a cent. (11 photos)