The Golden Mile of Old Havana

In the city’s historic center, near the Obispo pedestrian boulevard, you can find the so-called “Golden Mile”, popularly known like this because it is the best conserved part of the city. It is possibly the most important tourist attraction in Havana. (19 photos)

Havana’s Alameda de Paula Promenade

La Alameda de Paula is a promenade in Havana some 400 meters long running parallel to the Port Avenue. It’s found very close to our national hero Jose Marti’s birthplace, and where the famous Yarini defeated the French Letop in a war of pimps in the early 19th century, before being assassinated by the same horde.(20 photos)

Havana Seen from Casablanca

From the hill where the Christ statue-park is located, you can see a truly beautiful landscape, making this place a must-see for visitors, both foreigners and Cubans. It is clearly one of the city’s most photogenic places. (10 photos)

Havana and Its Different Architectural Styles

Havana is a city with almost five centuries of history, and throughout this time it has accumulated a great variety of different architectural styles. Colonial architecture can be seen in squares, parks and mansions converted into museums in the city’s historic center. (22 photos)

The Tampa Bay-Cuba Baseball Game in Pictures

On Tuesday March 22nd, a freshly renovated Latinoamericano Stadium hosted the Tampa Bay Rays for an exhibition game against Team Cuba, with the assistance of presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro, giving the game an even greater historical connotation. (36 photos)

Communications Fair in Disconnected Cuba

The fair is mainly a business session where foreign companies show their technological developments to executives from Cuban state companies and institutions interested in improving their outdated technologies. (16 photos)

Parks and Squares in Old Havana

Havana has seen an explosion in tourism over the past year. Many of us who live in the city do not recall having seen as many tourists on the street, in parks, squares and avenues as we do today. Countless tourists have arrived to get to know Cuba’s reality up close. (27 photos)

A Visit to Ciego de Avila, Cuba

Ciego de Avila, one of Cuba’s central provinces, is located around 425 kilometers southeast of Havana. In recent years, the city (with around 100,000 inhabitants) has witnessed notable tourism development, chiefly due to the hotel infrastructure created in its north-laying keys. (21 photos)

Vignettes of Havana

Havana, named one of the seven wonder cities in the world, turned 496 on November 16 this year. The Cuban capital is a place brimming with contrasts, life, colors, beautiful and not-so-beautiful things – a diverse and cosmopolitan city that captures and seduces visitors. (30 photos)

Havana’s Legendary Colon Cemetery

Located in Vedado, in Havana’s municipality of Plaza de la Revolucion, the Colon cemetery is the pride of residents of the city and Cubans in general. Covering an area of 57 hectares, it is the country’s largest and most important cemetery, boasting a great many sculptural and architectural works. (43 photos)