First “America Meditates” Gathering in Cuba for World Peace

Joining the continental event “America Meditates”, the Art of Living group in Cuba summoned everyone who was interested in being a part of the bridge through meditation. Cuba connected with the rest of Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia and maybe other Latin American countries in a call for peace and wellbeing via meditation. (25 photos)

Telling Stories for Women who Love

With a one-person presentation: “Women who love for better or worse”, oral story-teller Mirta Portillo came to perform at Havana’s Casa de la Poesia, last Thursday September 26th. Linking stories about five Marias, the narrator revealed lives that would be common for any woman anywhere in the world. (22 photos)

Gascon and the World of Naif Temptations

The “Espacio Abierto” Gallery is putting on a painting exhibition called “Las tentaciones del ingenio” (Naif temptations). The show is of the works of painter and teacher Jose Clemente Gascon Martinez. (17 photos)

Luis Lamoth Duribe Exhibition at Havana’s Fayad Jamis Gallery

We have become accustomed to seeing a special kind of ethnography of Havana neighborhoods reflected in Luis Lamothe Duribe’s work, from the memory we have of his first exhibitions (which “Multitud” formed a part of) and this has imprinted itself as a mark of this Havana artist’s art in our minds. (13 photos)

An Eco-activism Meeting in Cuba

An eco-activist needs to have the awareness and conviction that they are doing something good at every level, for the environment which they understand to be their own, for the environment that belongs to their loved ones and for the environment that belongs to society as a whole.

Abstract expressionism in Havana

Inside the headquarters of Lloyds* in the Cuban capital is a visual arts exhibition under the unique halo of abstractionism. (8 photos)

The Three Kings Visit Havana’s Children

When I asked a 6-year-old boy if his grandmother had bought him the tanker truck he was pulling along on a string through the entire house as a present, he stared at me, thinking about his response, standing still and not pulling his truck along anymore. The old lady, who was observing the conversation, decided to intervene: “The Three Kings brought this toy, as well as the bowling set.”

A Film that Evokes the Memory of Many Cubans

In Havana, a very alluring movie is being passed from USB to USB, especially among natives of Cuba, which is called “La Singular Historia de Juan sin Nada” (The unique story of Juan with nothing.)

Havana Residents Protest Cruelty against Puppy

In response to the brutal video that has become viral, where two Cubans – in Manzanillo to the east of the country – set a puppy on fire, signatures have been collected that will accompany a letter to President Raul Castro.

Reggae Concert in an Apartment in Alamar

A Cuba full of a great mix of people was revealed at the Reggae concert which was held as an album launch for the CD- “Diaspora illegal”, by “Estudiantes sin Semilla”, a group founded by two Cuban Rastafaris over 10 years ago.