Cuban League Game Redefines Meaning of “Walk-Off Homer”

There have indeed been many bizarre, improbable, almost credibility-stretching games played in the Cuban League over the past half-century of “revolutionary” baseball. And now this past week still another oddball event – again a walk-off home run of the most unlikely and unprecedented variety – has staked its claim for a spot atop the growing inventory of classic Cuban League baseball oddities.

Team Cuba Puts a Few Ghosts to Rest

It was a long-awaited baseball resurrection of sorts and it most appropriately came in an event Cuba has so long dominated. With a resounding five-game sweep of the field at this week’s 22nd Central American and Caribbean Games in Veracruz, Cuba not only regained a hefty measure of its badly tarnished reputation but did so in an impressive – almost flawless fashion.

Cuba Launches 2013-14 Baseball Season with Notable New Looks

All signs now indicate that change (however slow and perhaps helter-skelter) is very much the defining feature of current National Series play. The first week of November marks the opening of a Cuban baseball season and all signs point to a landmark pennant campaign featuring a surprising (if perhaps unsettling) “new look” structure and also a large dose of tradition-busting aberrations.