Luis Enrique Gonzalez Muñoz

Marianao, Havana 2014

Marianao is one of the 15 municipalities that make up the greater city of Havana. In this photo feature we capture many of the landmarks including the Obelisk, the Freedom City school complex, the Juan M. Marquez Pediatric and Working Women’s Maternity Hospital and the Ramón Pando Ferrer Ophthalmology Institute. (35 photos)

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Luyano, Havana in Pictures

Located in the municipality of 10 de Octubre, Havana’s neighborhood of Luyano is a large urban quarter bordering with Santos Suarez and Lawton. The Calzada de Luyano, the avenue where most of the photographs below were taken, a busy, cafeteria-filled thoroughfare that cut across the neighborhood. (40 photos)

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