The Latest Attempt to Remedy the Havana Transport Crisis

This year has brought some changes in the streets of the Cuban capital, and it is that these have been colored with a very striking yellow tone. This is due to the entry into the country of new public transport vehicles brought in from Russia.

A Piece of Havana News that is All Too Common

At dawn on Thursday, March 14, at exactly ten minutes to six, the neighbors of the building located at Boyeros Ave. and Calzada del Cerro street in Havana were awakened by a tragedy. Part of the building, declared uninhabitable for twelve years by the municipal housing management of Cerro, collapsed.

Havana at Full Speed Preparing for the Stones

An international crew of workers from England, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, Peru and the host country are going full speed to ready the stage with its huge towers for the first ever Rolling Stones concert in Cuba, a country that previously forbade its citizens to listen to their music. (10 photos)

Concert in Cuba to Support Venezuela

Sunday evening March 15, at the steps of the University of Havana, a concert took place in solidarity with the people and government of Venezuela, currently involved in a diplomatic conflict with the United States. (17 photos)

Marianao, Havana 2014

Marianao is one of the 15 municipalities that make up the greater city of Havana. In this photo feature we capture many of the landmarks including the Obelisk, the Freedom City school complex, the Juan M. Marquez Pediatric and Working Women’s Maternity Hospital and the Ramón Pando Ferrer Ophthalmology Institute. (35 photos)

Havana’s Neighborhood of Lawton

Today we bring you a photo feature on Havana’s neighborhood of Lawton, located approximately 6 kilometers from the city center, where the estate of Fernando Batista was once located. (27 photos)

A Winery in El Canal, Havana

It was after 6 in the evening when, after a short wait, I finally had a chance to meet with Orestes. He is the founder of the El Canal winery in the municipality of Cerro. He learned the trade of wine making from his grandfather. (11 photos)

Cuba Bids a Last Farewell to Juan Formell

Personalities of culture as well as political figures came on Friday to pay tribute and say a final farewell to Juan Formell a great of Cuban music. Formell and his band Los Van Van have been popular for decades in Cuba and far beyond its borders. (16 photos)

Flowers to Remember Camilo Cienfuegos

Camilo Cienfuegos was one of the most charismatic and beloved leaders of the Cuban revolution. He died just 10 months after the revolutionary triumph in a plane crash over the sea. Year after year, every October 28, the day of his death, Camilo is remembered with a pilgrimage to the sea. (36 photos)

Luyano, Havana in Pictures

Located in the municipality of 10 de Octubre, Havana’s neighborhood of Luyano is a large urban quarter bordering with Santos Suarez and Lawton. The Calzada de Luyano, the avenue where most of the photographs below were taken, a busy, cafeteria-filled thoroughfare that cut across the neighborhood. (40 photos)